Brownie Guides

What do Brownies do?

Brownies are…

Brownies are between 7 and 10 years old, they’re busy, active and always having great fun, they get together once a week in the evenings during term time and sometimes at the weekends too. Their programme is very wide ranging, with lots of challenges and opportunities. These include celebrating festivals, learning new skills, crafts or recipes, as well as trying out interest badges in things they’re particularly interested in – how about Science Investigator or Circus Skills?

Brownies work in small teams called “Sixes” – led by an older Brownie called a Sixer and Seconder who helps her. The sixes are named after animals such as foxes, badges and moles as well as the traditional names of gnome, imp or sprite.

The Big Brownie Birthday

All around the UK, including in Mid Glos Division, Brownies are celebration the 100th Birthday of Brownies. The Big Brownie Birthday includes all manner of adventures and BigBrownieBirthdayLogoColourCMYKactivities for Brownies (and other members of Girlguiding) – The Big Brownie Birthday Starburst (in Mid Glos we’re off to Longleat), The Big Brownie Birthday Eurohop (adventures around Europe), Challenge The Big Brownie Birthday (all sections can undertake this challenge badge in their meeting places), Stay Away The Big Brownie Birthday (Gloucestershire County are off to PGL for a weekends adventures) and The Big Brownie Birthday World Centres (visiting and exploring the Four World Centres, one way or another!). Keep an eye on the news feed for our adventures!

The Brownie Adventure

Everything about Brownies is an adventure! The programme is structured around three areas: You, Community, World. Each area allows Brownies to develop self confidence, learn new skills and discuss ideas through Pow-Wows. They also explore the wider world through activities, games and exploration of other cultures, as well as becoming active citizens and helping out in their communities. The Brownie adventure takes place in two sections, Brownies Adventure and Brownies Adventure On.

What do Brownies wear?

Brownies have a range of brown and yellow clothes that they can choose to wear – including shorts, hooded jackets, leggings, t-shirt and gilets. Brownies often wear a brown sash and their units may choose to have a coloured neckerchief as well in the colours of their unit.

 Where do the badges go?

Once a Brownie has taken her promise she can wear her yellow promise badge on the right of her top, she’ll also receive her six badge and possibly a unit name tape and county badge too when she makes her promise. As the Brownie Adventure continues Brownies have the opportunities to achieve interest badges in hobbies that they enjoy too, as well as challenges badges undertaken by the whole unit. All of this could mean a lot of badges that can be displayed on their sash or gilet, or in your Brownie Promise box or even a scrap book.

There aren’t any formal rules about where badges should go on the sash or gilet, although your Brownie pack may choose with their leaders about where to wear the badges in their unit, however, Leaders do get asked quite a lot about where to sew badges on, so the picture here gives some guidance.

 After Brownies

As Brownies approach the age of 10 they begin to find out about the next section: Guides. This maybe be by using a resource called Brownies Go For It! which is similar to part of the Guide programme, and they usually have a celebration or party to mark their moving up to Guides. Brownies usually move up in groups of friends at the end of each term. They can wear a badge when they are a Guide showing that they were a Brownie.

Take part in the Brownie Adventure:

If your daughter would like to join Brownies and take part in the adventure waiting for them, then you need to apply online via the Join page.


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